Robot guard dog

It’s a cute idea, but I doubt a Roborior Guard Dog can really “check on your pets, teenagers or the elderly.” Wouldn’t even the least punk-ass of teenagers be able to outsmart that thing? And probably most old people, too? I know I don’t want a damn robot checking on me, no matter what age I am. It feels very Big Brother and stalky. But maybe if I programmed it myself, like “Come check on me at 7 to be sure I stop working and eat some dinner,” it wouldn’t be so bad. I just wish it weren’t so freaky looking. It’s supposed to resemble a jellyfish, but to me it looks more like an extra-terrestrial.

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2 Responses to Robot guard dog

  1. Keith says:

    That does look freaky!

    And what happens if it gets a computer virus? ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    holy god! thats horrifying looking! only in japan would people design that

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