I’m nostalgic for a non-existant friendship.

This site needs a soundtrack, right? I’ve decided Say Hi to Your Mom is perfect. Really, it’s just one guy named Eric Elbogen, who I heard for the first time when he performed live on Little Radio a while back. He got my attention by singing a song called “Yeah, I’m in love with an android, but so what?” That one’s on the cd that comes out this summer, so I don’t have it yet, but I did buy his other cd, Numbers and Mumbles. The whole thing is very low-key and hipster, but it gets stuck in my head like crazy. On the website, you can download “Let’s Talk about Spaceships,” which is one of the songs I really like from Numbers and Mumbles. I also like “But She Beat My High Score,” which describes the tragic ending of a relationship.

Oh, Eric-who-I’ve-never-met! You make me wish I still lived in Brooklyn. You make me want to take the L train and dress in ’80s clothes and learn how to play the key-tar that’s leaning up against my bookshelf gathering dust. In another reality, I think we would’ve been great friends. You would have one of my paintings in your apartment, and I’d get to be one of the future-obsessed young ladies you write about in your songs. You’d have a lyric that mentions my pink hair and I would feel all kinds of special.

Maybe I’ll play with my keyboard today in your honor.

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4 Responses to I’m nostalgic for a non-existant friendship.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I found your site and just wan ted to suggest "acid jazz" for your site music. I like the largely unheard song: "Toxic Night."


  2. Neil says:

    Someone who knows about Say Hi To Your Mom! I hardly see anyone else who's heard of 'im. Not only is your website interesting and cool, you've got wicked taste in music (or at least we share a common interest in a band).

  3. ** says:

    hey!! hows it going? im gonna go check that band out. check out pedro the lion, if i may suggest. i don't know what Say Hi To Your Mom sounds like, but pedro is very low fi. nice stuff. if you wanna check it out, try the album "It's Hard To Find A Friend".

    id love it if you check out my site. i saw you have your art up, so do i. well, not my paintings, but more like some quick sketches(digitally colored). interesting stuff. hope you get to drop by.

    justin cash



  4. Grigori says:

    Keep the faith,

    Times are challenging to say the least and there is a reason for all things.

    key word: catazone

    Best Lights,
    Greg Edwards

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