New robot painting: I wish I were a Newsie

This week is my friend Jessica’s birthday.  We both love the movie Newsies (we’re working on forming an all-girl Newsies cover band called The Floozies), so I made her a painting of a robot that likes Newsies as much as we do:

p.s. This robot’s outfit was inspired by what Christian Bale’s character, Jack Kelly, wears in the movie.  If I were a Newsie, I’d wear a red neckerchief, too.

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2 Responses to New robot painting: I wish I were a Newsie

  1. Susan says:

    shouldn’t it be Flewsies?? just sayin…love your art btw!

  2. Lisa says:

    Maybe so, but I love how trashy “floozies” sounds! :D

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