Craft project: Girl’s Space Hat

If you’re anything like me, you’d like to look “futuristically demure,” but your space hat budget is virtually non-existent.  Our only option is to make space hats from things we have at home.  Here’s one project idea, borrowed from a 1960 issue of Pack-o-fun magazine:

Does anybody have a foil TV dinner tray? Do those even exist anymore?

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I’m making little robot paintings for charity.

I’m participating in a fundraiser for the Busted Foundation, which raises money to give directly to women with breast cancer who can’t afford their bills.  I think that’s a wonderful cause, so I’m making little robot paintings for people who donate $10 or more through my page.  (The fundraiser ends this Sunday, 10/21/12.) Here are two of my little “thank you for donating” paintings:

This one is for my friend Megan, who does stand-up comedy.  This little robot gets on stage and shows people videos of Megan in action. :)

This robot is a dog-walking robot for my friend Jessica. (Our dogs are friends.)  Please note that there’s not a dog in the painting.  I’m not a professional artist. I paint robots, but not much else!  If you want a robot painting, make a donation of $10 or more on or before Sunday, 10/21. You can tell me if you’d like a certain kind of robot, and I’ll do the best I can to bring your dream to cartoonishly-painted life. Here’s the link again:


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I traded with the Trading Tortoise!

In the spring, I contributed to this Kickstarter for a traveling art project called The Trading Tortoise, created by Souther Salazar and Monica Choy. They were raising money to make a trading post shaped like a tortoise and travel around the country with it, trading things with people. Watch this video for more info:

Today, the Trading Tortoise was at Giant Robot 2, an art gallery in Los Angeles, and I went to check it out. I brought this robot painting, because it was the first potentially trade-able thing that popped into my head.

I arrived a little early, so I got to watch them set up the tortoise. It was made of all sorts of crafty stuff, so I loved it right away.

Souther and Monica setting up the Trading Tortoise

They handed out tags for people to fill out about the items we wanted to trade.  Somehow I ended up being the VERY FIRST person to trade with Souther and Monica at this stop.  (I was excited and a tiny bit nervous.) Here they are, ready to trade with me:

Souther and Monica, ready to trade with me!
I figured each trade would be pretty quick, but they took time to talk with me about my item and the kinds of stuff I like.  I made the little painting I brought after watching the movie Short Circuit, and they recommended that I rewatch Batteries Not Included, since I haven’t seen it since I was a kid.

Then they brought out three potential items to trade with me.  From left to right in the photo below, the items were: A woman’s first-ever attempt at embroidery, which included a little embroidered fly (very cute),  a book of Japanese postcards with bunnies on them (I was tempted), and a piece of two-sided art that someone bought at a garage sale in Portland.  The painting showed a dog swimming, and since I love dogs AND swimming, I figured I had to choose that one.

Which item should I choose?

Here’s a closer look at the item I chose:The piece of art I chose.

Here’s what the back looks like, and what it says on the tags:

The back of the art work, and both sides of its tag.

When I got home, I googled Marshall Leggett, and it turns out he’s an artist, too, and I love his art. (He didn’t make this, though — he got it at a garage sale.)

I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Trading Tortoise if it comes to your town.  Here’s the schedule of future stops.

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Please don’t eat my meat.

My friend Emily Richmond buys fancy meat at the farmers’ market, because she needs more iron in her blood. She looooves donating blood, but the blood donation people sometimes turn her away for having low iron levels.  A while back, some guys had to do some work in her apartment, and after they left, she realized that some of her farmers’ market meat was missing from the fridge. NOT COOL, GUYS.

I’m mostly vegetarian, but even so, I don’t believe in stealing peoples’ meat, so I made a little sign for Emily to hang on her fridge. She got it in the mail today.

If anyone else out there has problems with meat thievery, you are welcome to print this out for personal use.


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I am glad you exist.

Remember that stampy thing I bought at a thrift store?  A while back, I used it to make a custom stamp that says “I am glad you exist.” It’s something I say to people on a fairly regular basis (I know a lot of nice people), and I’ve painted it before.

I colored this one with markers this morning, stuck a stamp on the back, and sent it off as a happy little postal message.  :)

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A thrift store haiku

I went to a thrift store today to donate a few bags of clothing and random household junk, and then thought “Maybe I’ll peek inside and see if they have anything good.”

Here’s what I found:

It was $7, and all of the parts (including the ink) were still in the box.  Most of the letters were unused.  I already have a little stamper thing with my address, but I thought this would be fun to use to print up tiny stories or poems.

Here’s a haiku I wrote as a test:

I feel like there’s something old-timey (as in pre-internet, haha) and wonderful about this!  Setting the letters in place is time-consuming, but I love how it turned out.

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Cooperation, defined by an 8-year-old girl

The other day, I heard a girl explain what the word “cooperation” means, and I liked her definition so I made a little painting of it.

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Robot painting: I can feel the love.

I made this little painting for my friend Yaoska:

Maybe we’re all surrounded by invisible clouds of love all the time. I hope so.

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Please look out for snails.

Monday morning, I opened the gate of my apartment building, and looked up at the blue sky.  As I stepped outside, the only thought in my head was “It’s so nice out!”

A split second later, I felt a horrible crunch under my foot and realized I had stepped on a snail. (It was so squished I had to look closely to even recognize bits of shell.)  My neighborhood is full of cute snails, and I love seeing them around.  Whenever I see one on the sidewalk, I pick it up and move it to a safer place.

Two days later I am still thinking about that snail, so I made a little painting in his honor.

If you share your neighborhood with snails, please be careful where you step.  If you see a snail in a busy area (like a sidewalk, street, or driveway), please pick it up — carefully — and move it somewhere less trafficked.

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Robot painting: “My belly is full of jelly beans”

Here’s a scan of a happy springtime robot I sent my jellybean-loving penpal. (It’s postcard-sized.)

p.s. I’m not a huge fan of jelly beans, but I might eat them if they are red or orange or yellow or lime or coconut.

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